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Terms and Conditions

1. In these terms and conditions ‘ZK Sports & Entertainment’ shall mean ZK Sports International registered at:

DQuarters, DMC5, Dubai Media City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


2. The contract – A contract shall deem to have been made between ZK Sports & Entertainment and (the “Client”) when the Client has confirmed their travel requirements either verbally via telephone, or in writing via email, mail, or has returned a signed booking form to ZK Sports & Entertainment.

Alternatively, a contract shall deem to have been made if the Client has paid the deposit payment or total amount as outlined in the ZK Sports & Entertainment invoice.


3. Unless otherwise agreed in writing these conditions shall override any previous terms and conditions between ZK Sports & Entertainment and the Client and all guarantees, warranties or conditions whether expressed or implied howsoever are excluded and hereby negated. No amendments to these conditions are allowed save those which may be agreed in writing by an authorised Director of ZK Sports & Entertainment.


4. ZK Sports & Entertainment gives no warranty, fitness for purpose, guarantee or other term about the event for which the hospitality is sold as to its quality, suitability or otherwise of the booking.


5. Schedule of Payment Details: ZK Sports & Entertainment will require full payment upon issuance of the ZK Sports & Entertainment invoice.


6. Payments made by credit cards will attract a 2.75% surcharge.


7. Tickets and other administration documents will not under any circumstances be issued prior to receipt and bank clearance of full payment relating to such tickets and administration documents.


8. Cancellation Policy: Once an invoice has been paid by the Client, all aspects of the booking are confirmed and may not be cancelled or exchanged. In the event of the Client wishing to cancel the booking, ZK Sports & Entertainment will endeavour to resell all or part of the booking as instructed by the Client. Any resale will be subject to a 10% administration fee.


9. ZK Sports & Entertainment has no control over the running of any of the sporting events that we provide hospitality and travel services to and all the details and descriptions in relation thereto are for guide purposes only.


10. The details of a booking shown in any material supplied by ZK Sports & Entertainment are correct at the time of printing, but the Client shall be responsible for checking with the event organiser that no alterations have been made.


11. Many sporting events can be dangerous, and it is a condition of booking that ZK Sports & Entertainment and its staff are absolved from all liability arising out of accidents causing damage or personal injury (whether fatal or otherwise) however caused to customers of ZK Sports & Entertainment for the entire duration of the hospitality package. This includes travel to and from the airport of first departure and the airport of final destination.


12.  ZK Sports & Entertainment does not provide any form of travel insurance within the cost of its hospitality packages and will not accept any liability for claims or losses suffered by customers whilst traveling.


13. ZK Sports & Entertainment shall not be liable to the Client for any indirect or consequential loss or damage (including without limitation, loss of revenue, loss of profits or anticipated savings) arising out of or in connection with the performance or any breach of the contract.


14. ZK Sports & Entertainment shall not be held liable for any omission by any person not employed directly by ZK Sports & Entertainment. ZK Sports & Entertainment has no control over the actual event and cannot accept any liability for the actions or omissions of the organisers or operators of the event or their servants, agents

or employees.

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