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Following a high volume of requests from their clients for bespoke and exclusive events, ZK Sports & Entertainment have launched in 2019 their Luxury Lifestyle and Adventure Travel experiences for their High Net Worth, corporate clientele, and adrenaline seekers. All of our events are carefully selected for their uniqueness and high standards.  



    26 - 28 March 2021 - Iceland

    Driving up active volcanoes and through lava fields in giant 4x4 trucks is in itself something truly awesome, but to do that on the same day as you cross giant glaciers makes it all the more special. Pushing man and machine to their limits adds to the fun of this adventure! You'll visit some stunning remote locations, giving you a prime position to spot the northern lights. Of course, the opportunity to unwind in the famous Blue Lagoon is also high on the agenda for this trip.

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    June - Europe

    Get the chance to attend a fully bespoke driving experience that is combining high-performance supercars and carefully selected routes with stops at the finest Michelin-star restaurants, 5-star luxury boutique hotels, and plenty of surprise activities culminating in the optional VIP luxury weekend at the Monaco Grand Prix.


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    10 March 2021 - London, UK

    An incredible evening on the Thames on the finest dining yacht, the evening with have Michelin star dining served from 3 different celebrity chefs 1 preparing each of your courses. Including Aldo Zilli, Jean Christophe Novelli, and Matt Tebutt. The chefs will meet you at your table, and the night will be full of action and entertainment

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    22 April 2021 - Guilford, UK

    Spend the day speeding around the famous Top Gear Test track, under the watchful eye of the Stig! A day trying out different supercars, while getting racing trips from the man himself. Followed by an evening in a luxury hotel, and dinner with the Stig where he'll tell stories of his behind the scenes at Top Gear and racing in F1 and much more!

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    November 2021 - Highlands, Scotland

    For those that like an adventure, this will be one for sure. Heading off in custom 4x4 we'll drive across the Scottish countryside, tacking on the roughest terrain. Our stops will include castles, and whiskey distilleries, as well as clay pigeon shooting, with beautiful boutique hotel, stays on route

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    April 2021 - West Sussex, UK

    An incredible day touring one of the finest vineyards in the UK. The day includes a helicopter tour of the estate, as well as a 3-course dining experience. You'll get to see the winemaking process and of course do a tasting. With the day finishing a luxury boutique hotel

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    27 - 28 April 2021 - Magny Cours, France

    With over a decade of experience in F1 at the highest level, we have some of the most unique access to this sport, giving you the chance to get up close and personal. We can give you your own F1 circuit for the day, an F1 car and have the most current drivers teach you how to handle it! This really brings you to the heart of the action! To top off this experience, we can get you on the grid at the real F1 race, in the garage behind the scenes, and even your own logo on a car for the weekend. It simply doesn't get more exciting than this!

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    January - March 2021 - Antarctica

    Cruising Antarctica is something that can hardly be put into words. Explore this continent from the air via a helicopter off the back deck or heli-ski on mountains untouched by humans. Perhaps you'd like to dive to the depths of the ocean in your onboard submarine to see the rarest of animal life - all of this is possible and so much more with polar explorers onboard taking you through every amazing adventure.

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    August - November 2021 - Malta

    Exploring under the sea is a unique experience. Take your own submarine and film crew to find amazing underwater sights, more is known of the surface of our moon than the bottom of our oceans. Whether it be to explore incredible marine life, or breath-taking wreck dives this experience is one never to be forgotten.

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    April 2021 - Nepal

    Visiting the tallest mountain in the world is a powerful experience. For the adrenaline junkies, there are options to sky dive over it or even summit it. For those seeking a more luxury experience, enjoy a private helicopter to base camp and experience the sun rising over the peak from a private lodge. The jungles are equally as special with elephant backed safaris heading off in search of the tigers of

    Nepal - a truly spell binding adventure .

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    July - September 2021 - Cap Canaveral, USA

    Fancy getting inside 'Star City' in Russia or perhaps visiting the launch site in Baikonur, Kazakhstan? Or would you prefer to meet NASA astronauts at Cape Canaveral in Florida before heading up in the same aircraft NASA uses to train their astronauts on? You can experience true weightlessness - something that only those who visit space encounter. We can even take you one step further and

    get you into space too!

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    Date TBC - Deep Ocean, Canada

    Be one of the few people on earth to see the Titanic with your own eyes at the bottom of the ocean. Very few trips have taken place to reach the Titanic, with even fewer submarines capable of reaching such depths. You'll head out on an explorer vessel, where you will spend time onboard with scientists planning dives down to the famous ship.

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